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Energize your marketing with the Storybrand Framework!


Attract New Clients


Focus Your Message

Make More Sales

You need a marketing system in place that attracts new leads and converts them into sales.

But the problem is...

Your website is old and outdated.

Your message is unclear and confusing.

Building an online sales funnel on your own is overwhelming.

Your website doesn't do what you need it to do.

And you don't know how to fix it.

Trying to manage your website and online marketing on your own can be confusing, overwhelming, and make you feel frustrated.

You’ve done the best you know-how, but it’s still not enough.

We believe you’ve worked hard to build your business and deserve a marketing system that works just as hard as you do. Day or night, 24/7 to create more leads, more sales, and make you more money.

Secret SEO

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“Your Website Should Be A Sales Machine!”

Donald Miller & Dr. J.J. Peterson

“Marketing should be easy and it should work. Whether you run a small business or a large business, the easiest and best marketing plan starts with a sales funnel. It doesn’t matter what you sell, if you use words to sell your products, a sales funnel will work.” – Donald Miller, Dr. JJ Peterson

The Key To Turning Your Website
Into A Sales Machine!

At StoryWorks, Everything We Design Begins With These Two Key Componants:


The Storybrand Framework

To create a clear message that will resonate with the heart of your customers. 


SEO Keyword Strategy

To identify the search terms that will be the most profitable to your business.

So you can target who you attract to your website and then using the right words, compel them to take the next step and do business with you. 

Olk Skeleton Keys

Here’s how we help:

Messaging Strategy

What problem is your customer trying to solve? What solution do you provide? How do you help them to become who they want to be? 

SEO Strategy

Is it possible to create daily organic traffic to your website without having to pay for online ads? Yes!


Can you really motivate web visitors to take action, just by using the right words? Yes you can!

Website Design

If I’m using the right words, does it really matter how it looks? Only if you want it to work.

You can build the sales machine you need.

You only need to know two things to begin, we do the rest

Your Customers Problem

In order to build the most effective sales funnel for your business, you need to know your customers well.
  • What is the problem they are experiencing?
  • What pain points does the problem cause?
  • How does the problem make them feel?

How Your Customer Find You

In order to build the most effective SEO strategy for your sales funnel you need to have a clear understanding of how your customers find you.

  • What search terms do they use.
  • What websites do they frequent.
  • Who are your competitors online.

So what makes us different? Keep reading.

Route 69 Customs

For years, trying to save money, I built and maintained my own website. After working many long and frustrating days, I eventually realized no one was coming to the website I struggled to make. Hiring Tim at Storyworks has been great. After our first meeting, I thought, “this guy knows his stuff!” We now have a great website that attracts thousands of new people each month interested in building a custom Harley Davidson. I love it!

Kevin Anthofer

Kevin Anthofer


Wildwood Hills Ranch

Wanting to increase the sales and awareness of our conference center services at Wildwood Hills Ranch Of Iowa, we needed some assistance with our website. Tim at Storyworks helped us develop a better landing page for our conference services that we’re excited will drive new traffic to the site. We found Tim to be very thorough, detailed, and a great listener! We greatly appreciate Tim’s help!

Anna Lucs Wildwood Hills Ranch Of Iowa

Anna Lucs

Marketing Director

Hyk Outdoors

Wanting to tell our business’s story better and increase sales, we hired Tim at Storyworks to build an online sales funnel and put our story to work. We are simply over the moon happy with the sales funnel Tim helped us to create. With a beautiful website, Lead Generating PDF, and an automated email campaign, our website now moves people from just “thinking” about experiencing the outdoors to doing it! Hiring StoryWorks was the best decision we made in 2020, and that’s a win for us!

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker


Why Work With StoryWorks?

We get it. If you’re not a marketing specialist, building a website and sales funnel for your business can be confusing and overwhelming. But know this, it’s the same for everyone. Trying to work outside of your strengths is difficult. Heck, it’s why we’ve hired an outside accountant here at Storyworks!  But it’s amazing how getting that extra help can eliminate worry and make your life so much more enjoyable. Say goodbye to the 3 AM wake-up worries!

What Makes Us Different?

We are in the 1% of Certified Storybrand Guides that know the “secret sauce” to convert your website into a sales machine.

Care to know the secret?

Because the Storybrand Marketing Framework kicks butt, it has attracted hundreds of marketing professionals to become Certified Storybrand Guides. In fact, throughout the world, there are now over 500 Certified Guides!

But did you know only 1 percent of those guides know the “secret sauce” to building a super effective sales funnel.

Among the Storybrand Certified Guide community, there are guides with an immeasurable amount of wisdom and talent, each specializing in a single marketing component. Storybrand actually encourages their Guides to find their “niche” to work within and own. So there are designers and copywriters, strategy specialists, and web designers, but there is one key area that the Guide Community lacks.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, specialists.

In fact, from over 500+ Guides, there are maybe five (that I know of) Guides who specialize in SEO?

Although many are fantastic writers and designers, there’s a general lack in understanding how SEO works and the benefits of having a completed SEO strategy can bring before you begin design, so many do not include SEO as part of their overall marketing strategy.

The problem is, building a Storybrand Sales Funnel without first developing and then implementing an SEO strategy is like buying a sexy sports car but ordering it without the engine. I mean, it’s under the hood; nobody sees it anyway. Right?

Just like the engine is what drives that sexy car,  SEO is what will feed and drive your Storybrand sales funnel!

With Your Customized SEO Plan You Will:

  • Create a steady flow of unique visitors to your website every day.
  • Increase your visitors’ session time and decrease your bounce rates.
  • Know with certainty who is coming to your website and what specific solution they are seeking.
  • Over time save money! It is not an expense like Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, where when the money runs out the traffic stops, but more like an investment that grows over time, as money invested in SEO provides growing and ongoing organic traffic month after month.

Some that I have helped

Route 69 Customs Grey Logo
Langel Chiropractic Clinic
Lightning Clean Carpet Dark Logo
Wildwood Hills Ranch Logo
Hyk Outdoors Logo Grey

Three Steps To Your Sales Machine



We walk you through the discovery process to determine your two keys, clear message and SEO strategy, to develop your website and marketing collateral.



Using creative writing, your SEO findings and web development we create and assemble your Storybrand sales funnel.


Do You

Without having to worry about your marketing, you will have more time to do what only you can do.

StoryWorks Sales Funnel Example

Ted Weaver Real Estate

When working as a real estate agent within a competitive market, success or failure is often determined by the number of quality leads you can produce. Together, StoryWorks and Ted Weaver, using his years of real estate experience, created a complete sales funnel guaranteed to drive traffic, a lot of traffic, to Ted’s website. includes:

  • The Godfather SEO to drive organic traffic to his website.
  • Social Media content to agitate the customers’ problems and cause them to visit his site.
  • A Storybrand website built using WordPress/Divi.
  • Two Lead Generating PDFs to help the customer solove the problems associated with buying or selling your home.
  • And last, an Automated Email Campaign to better serve his potential clients by begining a conversation moving them to paying clients.
Ted Weaver Real Estate
Certified Storybrand Guide Badge For 2022

Certified Storybrand Guide

As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I’ve spent countless hours learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team how to execute the StoryBrand and the Marketing Made Simple framework. 

As an expert in the Storybrand Framework, I can help you leverage the power of story to create clarity that will engage your audience and grow your business.

3 Steps To Get a Return On Your Marketing Investment

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3 Steps To Get a Return On Your Marketing Investment!

3 Steps To Get a Return On Your Marketing Investment!

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