Building A Storybrand

Building A Storybrand

Building A Storybrand

Building A Storybrand: Clarifying Your Message So Customers Will Listen

Too many business leaders struggle each year to find a marketing message that clearly communicates exactly what it is you offer and how you can help your customers.

As someone who helped businesses grow by building their websites, I constantly became a victim of this internal struggle that business owners deal with.

It usually went something like this – (this is generalized but captures the bulk of my experiences in dealing with business owners.)

Business Owner – I need a website for my business.

Me – Great! What is it that you exactly need it to do.

Business Owner – Well I’m not really sure yet, other than promote my services.

Me – Ok, so what content do you have?

Business Owners – Well, I don’t really have any content.

Me – Ok, how about copy, what would you like your site to say?

Business Owners – Well I don’t really have any of that either. You can just come up with something right?

And so I would set out as “the professional” to create a site that my new customer would be proud of, and instead found myself just sitting and staring at a blank page with…nothing. This was pretty much my experience every time, with every new customer.

A little over two years ago, I was expressing this frustration to a co-worker when he told me about a book that he had just learned of that he thought would help. So I purchased Building A Storybrand: Clarifying Your Message So Customers Will Listen. And, as soon as I began to read, it’s as though everything within me was saying YES!

Here’s a passage from the beginning of the book I highlighted –

Don Miller – “Before I started Storybrand I was a writer and spent thousands of hours staring at a blank computer screen, wondering what to say. That soul-wrenching frustration led me to create a “communication framework” based on the proven power of story, and I swear it was like discovering a secret formula.”

Using the Storybrand Framework IS like a secret formula to grow your business! I’ll can get into more detail in future posts but for now I’ll just say this –

EVERYTHING I now do here at StoryWorks begins with the communication framework that Don Miller has developed.

It begins with developing your personal Brandscript for you or your business. Upon completion of your Brandscript you then have words to say to best communicate exactly what it is you do, how you make your customers lives better, and how your customers can obtain what you offer. In addition to the right words, your brandscript will also provide ideas for images and visuals, ideas for future marketing collateral that will speak directly to your customer, plus the words to either redesign or strengthen your existing collateral.

Simply put, determine your brandscript and you now have the firm foundation to begin to grow your business.

If you would be interested in learning more about StoryWorks and how we can help you grow your business Schedule A Call and let’s build something together.

Additional Resources

If you would like to see a creative summary of Building A Storybrand, watch this video from the Book Video Club.


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