Discover Your Clear Message,
So Your Customers Will Listen.

Find the right words to clearly communicate what you do.

Attract New Clients

Create More Sales

Make More Money

Do you know how many clients you are losing every day because of an unclear message?

The problem is your message is...

About you and not your customer.

Unclear and confusing.

Using insider language to describe what you do.

Not sharing what's at stake by not doing business with you.

Lacking a clear call to action.

How much is unclear messaging costing you?

How many potential customers get lost in the sea of noise?

A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

We believe you deserve to have a clear message, but even more we believe that your potential customers deserve to know and understand how you can help them.

“If you confuse, you lose!”

Building A Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So People Will Listen – Donald Miller

Book Cover of Building A Storybrand, Clarify Your Message So People Will Listen by Donald Miller

“If we pay a lot of money to a design agency without first clarifying our message, we might as well be holding a bullhorn up to a monkey. The only thing a potential customer will hear is noise.” – Donald Miller

Clarify Your Message And Break Through The Noise

Discovering the right words allows you to:


State the solution and results you provide to your customers problem.

Clearly state who you are, how you help your customers and the results they can expect when doing business with you.


Have a message thats easy to remember.

Marketing is about memorization, make your message remarkably clear and easy to repeat.


Have a simple unified message to drive your organization.

A clear repeatable message allows you and your team to move in the same direction.

watching white noise on tv

Your Clear Message Begins
With A StoryWorks Discovery Session

A StoryWorks Discovery Session includes

90-Minute Discovery Call

Together we will walk through the Storybrand Marketing Framework, whether done as a single individual or facilitated with your entire team, this 90-minute ZOOM call is the first step to creating your clear brand story.

Write Your Brandscript

Using the Storybrand Framework we discover the right words to define who are your customers, what is the problem they are experiencing, the solution you provide, and the plan you offer to guide them to success. 


Distill your Brandscript down to one simple and repeatable statement to help you clearly communicate the problem your customers have, the solution you provide, and the results they can expect.

Explanatory Paragraph

Also known as your “Brandscript script” this long form explanation of your Brandscript  is perfect to explain your business, and can also be used as an effecitve video script to communicate what you do.

Additional uses for your clear brand story

Wireframe A Website

Make sure your marketing message works before you begin design and get wrapped up into choosing colors, fonts, and photos.

Strengthen Your Existing Marketing

With your new clear brand story, re-evalutate your existing marketing for effectiveness and discover new marketing opportunities.

Build A Sales Funnel

Capture the attention of new customers and lead them through the customer journey, from curiosity to commitment.

Some that I have helped

Langel Chiropractic Clinic
Lightning Clean Carpet Dark Logo
Wildwood Hills Ranch Logo
child sitting too close to the tv

Sometimes your too close to see clearly.

When you were a kid, did you ever get told by your parents that you were sitting too close to the tv? I did—a lot.

“Tim! Move back from the TV! You’re going to ruin your eyes!” – My mom.

I remember being so excited to watch my favorite program; I’d have my nose only inches away from the television screen, not wanting to miss a thing. So close, I could see the individual pixels of our Magnavox console tv. But today, as an adult, I also know I was missing the bigger picture from being too close.

As a Certified Storybrand Guide I can help you see clearly.

Finding the right words to clearly communicate what you do, can be challenging when your too close to your own business. Your message becomes unclear from knowing too much.  

As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I can help you take a step back and see your business with fresh eyes, and  see your marketing message the way your customer sees you.

Maybe it’s true that watching tv too close can ruin your eyes? I do need glasses.  But I know for certain that seeing your business too close can ruin your marketing message.

Schedule A Call and let’s clarify your message.


Certified Storybrand Guide Badge For 2022

Certified Storybrand Guide

As a Certified Storybrand Guide I’ve spent countless hours learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team how to execute the StoryBrand and the Marketing Made Simple framework.
As an expert in the Storybrand Framework I can help you leverage the power of story to create clarity that will engage your audience and grow your business.
3 Steps To Get a Return On Your Marketing Investment

Clarify Your Message And Stand Out.
  Don’t get lost in a sea of noise.


3 Steps To Get a Return On Your Marketing Investment!

3 Steps To Get a Return On Your Marketing Investment!

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