Clarify Your Message With A Website Wireframe

Clarify Your Message With A Website Wireframe

Clarify Your Message With A Website Wireframe

Building A Storybrand: Clarify Your Message With A Website Wireframe.

Earlier this evening, I tried to think of the best way to explain what is a website wireframe and the value it can add to your business. Because I am a visual learner, I decided the clearest way to describe a website wireframe would be to create one for you to see.

When you complete your website wireframe, you will have worked through and answered all of the questions you might have before building your website. You can then deliver your completed wireframe to any web developer to have your Storybranded website built.  



Once again the benefits of building a website wireframe is a huge advantage for both you the customer and the web designer as well.

Here are 5 benefits of a website wireframe.

1. Wireframes bring clarity to your projects, and allow you to work through all the interactions and layout needs.

2. Wireframes get you thinking about what your needs really are and help you define your project goals and what your primary focus should be.

3. Having your wireframes handy can make it easier for you to communicate your ideas to your team and how your design would work with responsiveness in mind.

4. Wireframes can also help deliver the core message of your website more effectively and gather feedback at an early stage.

5. Creating a wireframe then allows your designer to work from a clear cut plan for design and development, greatly speeding up the process.

Regarding this last point, one other thing to keep in mind is that most website designers have degrees in web design and graphic arts, but haven’t picked up a single book regarding writing effective copy and creating words that sell.  It’s the words you use that will sell your product or service, so it is vital to the effectiveness of your website to make sure to get this right from the start.

Creating a website wireframe is the way to make this happen.


If you need a website wireframe don’t hesitate to Schedule A Call and let’s build together.

P.S. Not sure if you can P.S. on a blog, but wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to the guys at for creating this awesome wireframe template and making it available for the Certified Storybrand Guides to use! Thanks guys!

Additional Resources

If you haven’t listened to the Building A Storybrand Podcast, you really should. I’ve said this for a couple of years now, but it’s like “marketing gold!” So much insight and helpful information is shared each week by Donald Miller, J.J. Peterson and the many great guests they have on the show.

In invite you to listen to Episode 30 before your begin building your wireframe – where they discuss learning how to communicate clearly, and stop confusing our customers and start connecting with them.


You can hear it here – Episode #30


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