Nobody Cares About Your Business.

Nobody Cares About Your Business.

Nobody Cares About Your Business.

Harsh huh?

Let Me Explain A Bit More

Before I started StoryWorks and received my Storybrand Certification to work with small businesses, non-profits, and churches, I used to work within the local church. For 30 years, actually.

When I first began my ministry career while going to Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota, I worked at a small community church in Eagan, Minnesota. The Lead pastor and I would grab breakfast together once a week to discuss the previous weeks’ services and plan for the future. Over these breakfasts times together, we learned a lot about one another and became great friends over time. And on occasion, like any two people who work together do, we would disagree on things.

This is where “Truth Tell” was introduced into my life.

What Is A Truth Tell?

A “Truth Tell” was a special relationship card; you could only play on rare occasions and only if an important decision was being made. It was kind of the discussion “Nuke” card. If you believe the other person’s personal bias was clouding their judgment, causing them to not “really hear” you. Then you could say, “Truth Tell.” When those two words were spoken, the other person had to stop talking and just listen. Not respond. Not defend. But simply listening to the words that were said. Knowing that the person who was speaking to them loved and respected them and wanted nothing but the best for them. Sometimes it was tough. I guess that’s why they call it tough love.

Truth Tell: Nobody cares about your business.

The key component of the Storybrand marketing framework is that your customers have a problem. This problem is why they have found you, come to your website, or read your marketing piece. And in all honesty, they don’t care how long you’ve been in business, or if your great great grandfather started the company, or fill in the ___________. What they care about is this; “I have a problem, and is this person going to be able to help me solve that problem?” The reality is that your business’s story only has room for one hero, and it’s not you.

So ask yourself this: who is the hero of your story? Have you made it to be you? Or have you made it to be your customer?

The Hero Of The Story

If you want marketing that attracts new customers and converts them into sales. Make your customer the hero of the story. Speak to their needs, help them solve their problems.

Not sure how to do that? I can help. As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I have been trained by Don Miller, JJ Peterson, and Koula Kalhan to help you create a narrative brand story for your business that is memorable, repeatable, and will speak to the hearts of your customers.

Schedule A Free 30-minute phone call, and let’s begin to write your story.

Your future customers are waiting.

Additional Resources

You are not the hero of your story…or you shouldn’t be anyway. Hear it from the man himself. See why Donald Miller says you should make your customer the hero of your story. And see examples of how your marketing can work with your customer as the hero.

If you would like additional help, Schedule A Call, and I would be happy to help you clarify your message.



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