Clean Des Moines

Fresh Start Plan

Clean Des Moines

Recently purchased Clean Des Moines has helped businesses and churches keep their work area clean with the Des Moines, Iowa area for over 30 years. As a newly acquired business, the new owners felt it was time for a new fresh look to their online presence.


Clarify their message.

Design and develop new website to grow their online presence.

Streamline their overall process for onboarding new clients.

Implement “It’s not personal; it’s business” SEO strategy to take on their local competition and increase local search results to increase organic clicks.

The Problem

As a newly acquired business, the new owners of Clean Des Moines contacted StoryWorks to help build a website that would better reflect who they are as a business and how they make their customer’s lives better. To attract more visitors to the website, they also expressed a desire to increase their search engine rankings and be present within online directories.

How we solved it

To help them Clean Des Moines achieve their website goals we:

  • Schedule a Discovery Call to walked through the Storybrand Framework to developed their brandscript and define their best marketing message.
  • Identified the areas of business they offer to determine what pages we would need to create. Then wrote individual branscripts for each page, as each page required a slightly different message.
  • As part of the “It’s not personal; it’s business,” The Godfather SEO strategy, we used their brandscript as a guide to perform Keyword research and analyise their local competitors to create an SEO plan after dentifying the keywords that would provide the greatest return on their SEO investment.
  • Using their newly discovered message and SEO research, we created a Website Wireframe to help them meet their goals.
  • Using the Website Wireframe as a guide, we then designed a custom website.
  •  Once the website was complete, the final optimization was performed.


Engaging content

StoryWorks determined the website content using the Storybrand Framework, making the customer the hero of their story. Writing copy that makes the customer the hero then allows Clean Des Moines to position themselves as “the Guide.” Allowing them to display their previous experience and expertise to solve their customers cleaning needs.

When developing your website, the Storybrand framework provides:

  • A “top fold” hero section that passes the “grunt test.” So your web visitors will know within the first 10 seconds of visiting your site; who you are, what you offer, how you will make their life better, and most importantly, what step do they need to take to get what you offer or what’s known as the “Call To Action.”
  • The framework provides a way of showing what’s at stake if they choose not to hire Clean Des Moines.
  • It paints a picture of their life if they hire Clean Des Moines to clean their workspaces.
  • It provides a clear path of engagement to hire Clean Des Moines.
  • It explains their guarantee to the customer.
  • It leads them to a clear call to action – “Schedule Free Consultation,” and then using a 3rd party application allows the potential customer to schedule a consultation and then put it on their online calendars at that moment.


Storybrand Website Example

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