Deborah Phillips Interiors

Custom Website Redesign

Deborah Phillips Interiors

Deborah Phillips, a premier interior decorater in the surrounding Des Moines, Iowa area has been bringing joy to homeowners through her gifts of design since 2007.


Redesign of existing website.

Add functionality of gallery display in tile format.

Redesign for all platform; desktop, tablet, phone.

The Problem

Deborah already having a WordPress design that she loved was in need of transforming some of the functionalty of her existing website to better fit her needs.

How we solved it

To better display her amazing designs we created a front page and updated portfolio page that showed the full image of her work. This includes some code modifications for her site, to show her work across all platforms; desktop, tablet and phone, as well as changing her gallery to display in a tile format and not cropping the photos of her work.

Engaging content

Although we wouldn’t consider this a “storybranded” website, we believe that her work speaks for her.

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