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Fresh Start Plan

Bryan And Julie Host

Bryan and Julie Host needed a simple website to help promote and raise awareness and financial support for the work that they are called to do, helping lead and train pastors throughout the word, on behalf of Reach Global.


Develop their Storybrand Brandscript to determine their best message.

Develop simple website and create online presence.

Create awareness to their cause and raise support.

Create a website that would be simple for them to make changes themselves.

The Problem

Becoming full-time missionaries requires not only a ‘leap of faith,’ but also a tremendous amount of support, both emotionally and financially. Bryan and Julie were in need of a website to help communicate what they have been called to do, and create a simple way for those interested in supporting their cause to get involved.

How we solved it

After our initial conversation we decided the most affordable and effective plan for them would be the Storyworks Fresh Start Plan. Our initial Strategy looked like this:

  • Develop their brandscript to determine the best message to communicat exactly what they do.
  • Wireframe their website to determine the copy works.
  • Gather photos and information we would need to build the website.
  • Developed their website.
  • Once completed I would then meet with Bryan and walk through the structure of the site, and what steps would need to be taken in order for them to make changes to their website themselves.
    • One of the great advantages of using WordPress and Divi is how simple it is to use.


Engaging content

When creating a Storybrand Brandscript for a mission organization there are actually a few options for communicating their message.

The first method is by making the benefactor of the mission, or the recipient, the hero of the story. The second method is to explain what you are doing, but write it as though it is directed towards the Donor, making them the hero of the story.  If you would like more information on creating messages for a non-profit I encourage you to Schedule A Call and I would love to speak with you about it.

In Bryan and Julie’s case, we decided to go with the first option, making the benefactor of the mission the hero.

  1. This method allowed them to paint a picture of what life is like for them 24/7 and show the need.
  2. Then explain the work that they are doing on behalf of Reach Global to help those in need.
  3. Then finally making a ‘pivot’ towards the donor to inform them how they can get involved into the benefactors story by supporting Bryan and Julie’s work and help those in need.

Storybrand Website Example

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