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Tent camping is inconvenient and uncomfortable. A Hyk Outdoors teardrop camper provides a grab-and-go solution to pull along the comforts of home, so you can relax and enjoy your time in the great outdoors.



Create a website that will be SEO rich to attract new customers.

Create an information rich site that will be a help to future customers and provide the information they are searching for.

Create an online system that will help generate and capture new leads for future business.

The Problem

To initially launch their new business Hyk Outdoors, owners Jeff & Laura built their first website. And although it did provide some basic information and allow them to share what they were doing as a business, they found it to underwhelming in results. “It just didn’t lead people to purchasing a trailer.” – Jeff Baker 


The Solution

Wanting to use the full power of their story to grow their business, Hyk Outdoors hired Storyworks to help them clarify their message and then use that message to build a complete online sales funnel that would provide a path for website visitors to learn about the quality teardrop camper trailers they were building in Kingdom City, Missouri and nurture then into becomong proud owners of their newly purchased trailer.  To grow Hyk Outroos StoryWorks helped with clear message, SEO research, a website wireframe to verify that their message does what it is supposed to do, creating a new website using the Fresh Start Plan, and then gather emails to begin a conversation with potential customers using a Lead Generating PDF and an automated email campaign. And finally ensuring they get the most organic web visitors using The GodFather SEO.

The Results

Wanting to tell our business’s story better and increase sales, we hired Tim at Storyworks to build an online sales funnel and put our story to work. We are simply over the moon happy with the sales funnel Tim helped us to create. With a beautiful website, Lead Generating PDF, and an automated email campaign, our website now move people from just “thinking” about experiencing the outdoors to doing it! Hiring StoryWorks was the best decision we made in 2020, and that’s a win for us!- Jeff Baker, Hyk Outdoors

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