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The Fresh Start Plan

Helping you to live the vibrant life you love.

Living with pain and discomfort can rob you of an active life. Langel Chiropractic Clinic will diagnose and treat your condition so you can live a vibrant life doing what you love.


Clarify Their Message.

Develop website and grow online presence.

Develop Lead Generator to capture emails of unique visitors.

The Problem

Marketing your business should be simple, and it should work.  Unhappy with his previous marketing and the lack of return on investment he had seen, and after reading Building A Storybrand by Donald Miller, Dr. Langel was ready for something different! 

How we solved it

Discovery Session

Our first step was to discover the right words to effectively market Langel Chiropractic Clinic and create the right message to attract new patients and compel his existing patients to Schedule monthly ongoing chiropractic appointments.

One Liner and Brandscript Script

Once completed, we distilled that brandscript down to create the one liner and create their narrative brand story.

Website Wireframe

Next up, we took that brandscript and created a Website Wireframe to make sure their message will do what they need it to do. (Yes, this is the same style Website Wireframe presented in Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller and Dr. JJ Peterson.)

The Fresh Start Plan

Once we completed the website wireframe, we then designed a website for Langel Chiropractic Clinic using “The Fresh Start Plan.” our most affordable website available to small businesses, non-profits, and churches.

Lead Generator

To round off their Sales Funnel, we created a Lead Generator so customers would provide their email for access to a series of informational videos about chiropractic care. Access to this video series allowed Langel Chiropractic a secondary call to action to offer on their website and build their prospective client email list.

Sales Letter

Last, we then wrote a sales letter sent out to previous customers, encouraging them to schedule ongoing monthly chiropractic care.

Langel Chiropractic Full Sreen Scroll Of Website

Storybrand Website Example