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When life gets messy, and your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout or rugs gets dirty; it can make you feel embarrassed. At Lightning Clean Carpet, our encapsulated cleaning process thoroughly cleans and dries fast, so you can relax and get back to living.



Create a website that will be SEO rich to attract new customers.

Create an information rich site that will be a help to future customers and provide the information they are searching for.

Create an online system that will help generate and capture new leads for future business.

The Problem

Developing a steady stream of new clients is challenging for any small business, but exponentially more challenging when you are a sole proprietor. Since starting his small-business in 2018, Ulrich Gradinger developed new clients the hard way, from going door-to-door. The problem is, because each new job demands a specific amount of time for you to complete, the more jobs you get, the less time you have, which prevents you from developing new leads. Because of your hard-work ethic, you eventually become stuck doing the work you have without an opportunity to grow.

The Solution

Needing a solution to find and develop new leads for their business, one that wouldn’t require more time for Ulrich, Lightning Clean Carpet contacted StoryWorks about building an online sales funnel. Including a clear message, SEO research, a website wireframe to verify their message works, creating a new website using the Fresh Start Plan, and then begin a conversation with potential customers using a Lead Generating PDF and an automated email campaign. And finally ensuring they get the most organic web visitors using The GodFather SEO.

The Results

Lightning Clean Carpet now has an online sales funnel that will attract new customers in the Durham, NC Triangle area, gather their information, and eventually nurture those visitors into paying customers. This sales funnel saves Uli the time of having to go door-to-door in trying to find new customers. They will now find him even when he’s at home with his family relaxing.

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