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Finding and then hiring the extra help you need on your own is stressful. Using our team approach, Raine Recruiting will find and deliver reliable employees you can trust to get the job done. 



Identify and attract individuals searching for employment.

Identify and attract busuiness in search of temp, temp to hire, and direct hire employment opportunities.

Build complete sales funnel for companies searching for Direct Hire employees.

Integrate all incoming information into a CMS system for ongoing campaigns.

Connect CMS to text SMS service for promotion.

Integrate Website with Google Jobs Board.

Rise to the top of search results for the great Iowa area.


The Problem

As one of the top recruiting and placement services in Iowa, Raine Recruiting needed to expand it’s outreach and exposure to attract both quality employees and companies in search of hiring employees.

The Solution

StoryWorks helped Raine Recruiting to clarify their message focusing on two main categories, looking for work, and looking to hire. With the latter, because of the diverse set of needs, required a total of 3 brandscripts, temp, temp to hire and direct hire.  Each section led to the Call To Action – Contact Us, where the potential client submits a custom developed Gravity Form that then triggers an automated response depending on their needs. Helping Raine Recruiting to develop and grow their email list of potential hires and clients. Once the messaging, website wireframe, website, lead generating pdf, and automated email campaign was complete, we then optimized their new website and continued to grow their online audience with The Godfather Of SEO and the adding of Local Directories.

The Results

Raine Recruiting online presence after the first 3 months of going live has grown 17.9 percent and growing. (Typically growth from SEO strategies do not take full effect until 6 to 10 months of launch.) They have expanded their email list by 109 subscribers.

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