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Building a custom Harley Davidson can be expensive, especially when starting with a new bike.  Route 69 Customs can save you money when building a one-of-a-kind custom built  Harley Davidson built just for you.

Route 69 Custom, Iowa’s premier custom Harley Davidson shop, approached StoryWorks about rebranding their services and providing a complete online sales funnel for their shop including website, social media, Lead Generating PDF, Automated sales and nurture email campaign, plus a complete redesign of their Des Moines shop and garage to make their presence more accessible online.


Clarify Their Message And Simplify Their Process.

Develop website and create online presence.

Enact Complete Rebrand And Product Position To Attract New Customers

The Problem

Route 69 Customs has a unique business plan that allows Harley Davidson riders to own the custom bike of their dreams by building affordable one-of-a-kind custom bikes. Their secret is by begning each project with a “salvaged” titled motorcycle.  When building a custom bike the 3 most important elements on a “start bike” are what, Kevin the owner of Route 69 Customs calls “Good Bones.” which include a solid undamaged frame, a tranny in good working order and a solid motor that runs. All the rest of the bike is cosmetic and it’s the replacing of these parts that makes a bike a custom bike. The problem Route 69 Customs needed to overcome is the negative stigma that is associated with a “savlaged title” bike.

How we solved it

We decided the best approach to overcoming the negative views to a “salvaged title” bike was to first “label the problem” and then second, educate our audience that a salvaged titled bike, due to restrictions that some motorcycle builders place on repair shops, can also be a bike that has been deemed a salvaged titled bike even though it has only sustained light damage. Calling our start bikes, “Carefully Selected Build Bikes,” and showing our customs how they can own a great custom bike and save thousands of dollars has helped Route 69 Customs overcome this problem. 

Engaging content

When determining the “problem” within brandscript for Route 69 Customs we determined several “pressure points” that the customer was experiencing  when trying to build a custom Harley Davidson.  Using this language and insight allows us to create engaging content that speaks directly to the Route 69 Customs customer and help them find a solution to the problem that they seek.

At Route 69 Customs Where A “Carefully Selected Build Bike”

Becomes A One-Of-A-Kind Custom Harley Davidson.

Kevin Anthofer Route 69 CustomsKevin Anthofer

Owner, Route 69 Customs

“My story is probably similar to most small business owners who know they need a website to grow their business. Hiring a professional sounded too expensive, so I set out on my own to build a simple website but after completing it, I eventually realized I had zero traffic coming in. So I thought I’ll learn Facebook! Which just led to more 16 hour days, more frustration, plus the feeling of just throwing away money. Then a friend referred me to Tim at StoryWorks. I have to admit, before our first meeting I thought, “here we go again.” but right away I knew this experience was going to be different. Tim, using the Storybrand Framework, got right to the core of who we are as a business and serve our clients. And after seeing the first draft of our new website, I can’t tell you how relieved I was as it just made sense! And with unlimited changes for the life of our plan, our website can now grow as we grow. It’s clear, concise and using a simple plan, directs customers to make a purchase. Adding SEO we now have regular traffic coming to the site and Tim has created a Lead Generating PDF to help us capture emails and then turns those leads into sales using an automated email campaign. I love it!”

Storybrand Website Example