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At first glance in seeing TimYates.com, you might think it is a website about me? Something I would use to promote myself.  But in reality, TimYates.com is about you.  Having worked for the past 30 years helping businesses, non-profits, and churches to communicate their message, I have found that most struggle because they are blocked by their own past experience, first-hand information, and from being too close to what they are trying to achieve.  Just like the saying, “can’t see the forest from all of the trees,” we often can’t see our messaging problem because we have too much time, experience, and hard-earned money invested into whatever it is we are trying to accomplish.

Early in my career, one of my first bosses sat me down and told me that I had the gift of looking at things “out of the box.” For some reason, I can separate myself from current reality, and see a project from the perspective of the person you are trying to reach. What do they think when they see your message? How does your message make them feel? What questions arise in their mind. 

Over the years I have worked hard to try and maximize this gift to its fullest potential.  Today as the owner of StoryWorks.Marketing I get the joy of working with businesses, non-profits, and churches to clarify their message and grow whatever it is they do. 

Marketing is about the words you use to promote your product or brand. With the right words, you can move mountains. I believe that!  TimYates.com is my message, it’s what I believe.

If you find yourself struggling to find the “right words” to use for your marketing. I invite you to Schedule A Call and let’s talk. I can help you to find the words that will help you grow.


 As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I needed a website that would represent who I am outside of StoryWorks.Marketing, that I could direct traffic to when coming from the Storybrand Guide directory at ClarifyYourMessage.com. Luckily I know a guy. 🙂


To create an online space that I can voice my thoughts and opinions.

To inspire others to find the “right words” that can help them grow, whatever it is they do.

Develop simple website and create online presence.

Create a blog so I can write about topics outside of Storybrand.

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