SEO For Small Business – Is It Worth It?

SEO For Small Business – Is It Worth It?

SEO For Small Business – Is It Worth It?

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Posted On March 10, 2020

SEO For Small Business – Is It Worth It?


Every year, small business owners throughout the world spend thousands and thousands of dollars to build a website they know their business needs, only to later find they are not getting traffic to the website they just paid for.

SEO for small business – is it worth it?

There’s a leadership parable that says

“A leader without followers is just a person taking a walk.”

Similar,  a website without traffic, is _______________.

Fill in the blank for yourself –

  • Useless.
  • Pointless.
  • A huge waste of money.
  • ________________.

One of the HUGE advantages of the internet for you as a business owner is that it levels the playing field when competing against your largest competitors. In the real world, it would be the equivalent of you setting up shop and building your store in the front parking lot of a Wal-Mar, forcing customers to either come in or walk around you before they enter their doors.  On the internet, your business can stand right next to the largest brands.

The way this is accomplished is SEO.

A simplified description of how SEO is used to make this happen is this:

First, you identify the best search term that will allow people to find you.

Second, You optimize your home page for those search terms. This lets the search engines know that you exist and ready to do business.

Third, you strengthen those search terms with links, backlinks, and content telling the search engines that you are a valued option when it comes to doing what you do.


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Case Study – Clean Des Moines

Clean Des Moines, an Iowa-based commercial janitorial business, hired StoryWorks in August of 2019 to build a new website to promote their business. About two months later, unhappy with the traffic, they asked if we could help them with SEO.

So to begin, we did some research to discover the best keywords to be used for their industry, and then second reviewed their competitors to see what areas we could capitalize on.

Although SEO can take time to develop, with Clean Des Moines only four short months later, they now own the top spot for 4 major search terms in their field.

In fact, if you Google right now “commercial cleaning des moines,” you’ll find Clean Des Moines sitting at the top spot, right next to their two largest competitors, who combined are spending on average 20K a month for paid advertising.

So to summarize –

Clean Des Moines – $0 Paid Advertising.

Competitors – $20,000 Per month for Paid Advertising.

Both sitting right next to each other on Google.

See what I mean about setting up shop in their parking lot and forcing the customers to see you?

But back to the original question – Is it worth investing in SEO? Research has shown that when searching for something, the average person doesn’t go too far in their search beyond the 3rd page. So in the Case Of Clean Des Moines, they went from gaining 0 leads to currently 34.2 hot leads each month. How could 34 new verified leads each month affect the growth of your business?

P.S. Not sure if you can do a P.S. within a case study 🙂 , but I thought it was worth mentioning. This is just a real world example of our client Clean Des Moines, one of our other SEO clients, in 7 short months, has gone from 0 clicks to now over 3.6K clicks per month!

Additional Resources

Want to get an idea of how your website is doing regarding SEO? I’m going to share one of my trade secrets with you. Go to this site, enter in your domain, and see how your website is doing.

If good. Great! But if you don’t like what you see, Schedule A Call and let’s talk about growing your business!


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