SEO – How Will It Grow My Business?

SEO – How Will It Grow My Business?

SEO – How Will It Grow My Business?

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Posted On March 18, 2020

SEO – How will it grow my business?

Ok, so by now you’ve hopefully read the first and second posts we’ve written about SEO that explained exactly what SEO is and then second explained the benefits of investing in SEO for your business.

So now we want to talk a bit more about how paying for SEO will specifically help you to grow your business.

The key to growing your business is filling your pipeline.

Just last month I was having breakfast with a friend, who is a very successful businessman, who shared this bit of wisdom with me.

“Tim, I can tell you one thing about growing your business, and that is always working to fill your pipeline of new clients.  If you want to grow your business, you must fill your pipeline.” – Don

Why SEO is important to growing your business.

In case you forgot, here’s a reminder of how search engines on the internet work. 🙂

A. Someone has a problem.

B. They then go to the internet to search for a way to solve this problem.

C. They do this by searching within a search engine, and the words they use to search become the “keywords.” As an example, they might search “how is SEO going to help grow my business?”

D. The search engine then scours its resources to provide the best sites to direct their customer.

E. Then this person finds the best site to meet their needs and then clicks to read more.

The Ultimate Goal Of SEO

So the ultimate goal of SEO is to 1) make sure that your website appears when someone is searching for what you do, and 2) work to have your website appear as close to top of the results as possible for the keywords you select. The higher your website ranks, the better.

Why is higher ranking better? – Most people don’t stray too far past the 3rd page of results when viewing results for their search. This is why it’s important to be as close to the #1 spot as possible.

Higher Rankings Converts To Solid Leads, And Solid Leads Can Grow Your Business.

So someone has a problem.

They search for a solution to that problem.

Within their search they find you.

They then contact you about you helping them solve their problem.

So to summarize SEO converts into verified leads for your business.

(This of course is assuming that the actual content of website clearly communicates exactly what you do, and how you can help them. If you are unsure about just how effective your website is, Schedule A Call and as Certified Storybrand Guide I can review you existing website and give you some suggestions on ways to improve what you are curretnly doing.)


Think of SEO like an investment. It’s the long game. The money you invest in SEO will continue to bring you leads even if you decide at some point to stop investing money in SEO.

Think of Pay Per Click as temporary traffic. It’s the short game. Althought Pay Per Click can temporarly provide traffic to your website as soon as you stop paying for it, the traffic immediatly stops.

Case Study – Clean Des Moines

For a real-world example of the benefits of SEO to grow your business, let’s look at one of our clients

They contacted us back in November of 2019, wanting to increase the traffic to their website to gain more leads.

After performing an audit of their website and evaluating their competition, we were able to do on-site optimization of their website to increase their web traffic. Plus, we were able to create a targeted approach towards their five closest competitors and then create a strategy to steal their competitor’s web traffic.

“It’s not personal; it’s just business.” – The Godfather 

The result is that Clean Des Moines now appears for 36 keywords relating to their field and growing, plus they hold the top spot for 8 of those keywords, helping them steal away over 54% of their competitor’s web traffic to increase their leads to 34.2 leads per month.

So, could you use 34.2 new leads each month to help you grow your business?


Additional Resources

Want to get an idea of what your competitors are doing regarding SEO? I’m going to share one of my trade secrets with you. Go to this site, enter your competitors’ domain, and see what they are doing regarding SEO. You can view what keywords they appear in, and even discover how much they spend each month using Pay Per Click ads.

If you decide you want to “Go To The Mattresses,” Schedule A Call, and we can talk about growing your business!

Remember, it’s not personal, it’s business.



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Have questions about SEO? Leave a comment below and we’ll answer any questions you might have!

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