Get the marketing help you need from a Storybrand Certified Guide.


As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I can help you find and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Discover the words that will resonate with your customers’ hearts.

Gain an outside perspective

Get feedback on your brandscript, one-liner, website wireframe, or whatever area of your marketing you need.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Avoid costly mistakes with the help of a certified guide.

Know your on the right track.

Get the confidence you need to know your marketing will work.

Storybrand Certified Guide

You’ve read the books and began the Storybrand process,

But when it comes to marketing your own business…

You're unsure knowing what to say.

You feel stuck.

You want to know you're doing it right.

You're confused because your business needs multiple brandscripts.

You're unsue what you should cut or keep.

You question if Storybrand will work for your business.

Writing your marketing message on your own can be frustrating!  I believe it shouldn't be so hard to clarify your message.

Why I became a Storybrand Certified Guide, and how Storybrand can help you too!

“For years working as a professional web designer, I saw my clients struggle when trying to find the words to best describe who they were as a business. That all changed after the discovery of “Building A Storybrand” by Donald Miller. After reading, I began implementing the framework with my clients as well as my own business and immediately started to see results.” – Tim Yates, Certified Storybrand Guide

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“So much so that in February of 2020, it was a “no-brainer” for me to journey to the Storybrand Headquarters in Nashville, TN, and get trained by Donald Miller, Dr. J.J. Peterson, Koula Kalahan, and April Sunshine Hawkins to become a Certified Storybrand Guide.

Today, Storybrand has opened doors worldwide to work with non-profits and businesses, both small and large. Whatever your current struggles with your marketing, I know that implementing the Storybrand Marketing Framework will help. Schedule A Call, and let’s transform your marketing.” – Tim Yates

How I Can Help You

Brand Messaging

Clarify your message using the Storybrand Marketing Framework.

Brand Strategy

Create a game plan for your business, so you know it will grow.


Hassle-free websites that work 24/7 to grow your business.


Attract your ideal clients to your website with National and Local SEO.


Individual or group coaching to help you master the Storybrand Framework.

Organizations I’ve Worked With And Coached

Three Steps To Transform Your Marketing

1. Schedule A Call

During this free 30-minute call we will discuss your marketing struggles and determine next steps.

2. We'll get to work

We’ll implement the Storybrand framework and transform your existing website into a sales machine.

3. Get back to living

Now that you don’t have to worry about your business, you can spend time doing what you love.

Schedule Your 1-Hour Coaching Call

Cover for 3 Steps To Get A Return On Your Marketing Investment

Get more traffic & increase sales!

“I don’t claim to be the master of online marketing but I do know this–do these five things and you will see a return on your marketing investment!” – Tim Y.

Discover what’s wrong with your marketing.
Get a customized plan to fix it.

You know your marketing isn’t working but don’t know where to start when it comes to fixing it. This report will show you exactly where your marketing is weak and give you a detailed plan on how to fix it.

Stop worrying if you are doing it right.

5 Steps To Transform Your Website

Five Steps That Will Transform Your Website Into A Sales Machine

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