Storybrand Guide – Break The Curse Of Knowledge

Storybrand Guide – Break The Curse Of Knowledge

Storybrand Guide – Break The Curse Of Knowledge

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A Change Of Perspective

In Chapter 8 of J.R. Tolkien’s famous book “The Hobbit,” Bilbo Baggins and his traveling companions find themselves desperately lost in the Mirkwood Forest. After several failed attempts to escape, the group finally decides that in order to see clearly and escape, they will need a change of perspective. It’s then that Bilbo Baggins begins to climb to the top of a tall tree to rise above the forest and see if he can find a way to get out.

Getting your business out of Mirkwood Forest

Yesterday, I spoke with a potential client. And as they shared their marketing struggles with me, I was reminded of this story. In that, Bilbo and his companions could not see clearly because, surrounded by the forest, the forest is all they could see. It wasn’t until Bilbo climbed a tall tree, changing his perspective, that he could lead his group out of Mirkwood Forest safely.

Where’s the forest? All I see are trees!

Sometimes marketing your own business can feel like being lost in the forest. All you see are trees. You suffer from the “curse of knowledge” by knowing too much, which causes you to only “see the trees.” After all, you know the time, effort, and money spent on each piece of your business, and it’s this information that clouds your judgment. And that is why your website is cluttered and unclear.

See Clearly With The Help Of A Storybrand Guide

As a Storybrand Guide, using a proven marketing framework, the Storybrand Framework, together, we can develop your Storybrand brandscript to discover what parts of your business is essential for your customers to know. Because after all, your business is about them, serving your customers. They are the actual hero of your business’s story, and you, like Bilbo, are the ones who can help them escape their own Mirkwood Forest.

As a Storybrand consultant, I can help you “climb to the top of the tree” to see your business from a new perspective.

Let’s escape the forest together. Schedule A Call

As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I’ve spent countless hours learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team how to execute the StoryBrand and the Marketing Made Simple framework. 

As an expert in the Storybrand Framework, I can help you leverage the power of story to create clarity that will engage your audience and grow your business.

Tim Yates

Certified Storybrand Guide

Additional Resources

If you would like to learn more about making your website an effective marketing tool I invite you to watch this short video by author Donald Miller.

If you would like additional help, Schedule A Call, and I would be happy to help you clarify your message.



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