The Storybrand Marketing Framework

The Storybrand Marketing Framework

The Storybrand Marketing Framework

Your Marketing Message

Knowing what to say when it comes to talking about your business is difficult.

For years as a web developer when helping small business owners build their first website, I would ask this question – “What do you want your website to say?”

Cricket. Cricket. This question was often followed by blank stares and silence.

Why is it so hard to talk about your own business?

You have spent years – blood, sweat, and tears – perfecting your craft. You know every in and out about what you do. No one knows your business like you do. So why is it so hard to talk about what you do in a simple and clear way to understand?

I believe it’s because you’re too close. You suffer from the curse of knowledge.

Although, you know what you’re talking about, in order to communicate clearly to someone who doesn’t have that same level of knowledge as you, you have to empathize and put yourself in their shoes. But the challenge comes from knowing what information is the most important to talk about.

Finding the right words.

This is where Storybrand Marketing comes in to help you find the words that will resonate with your ideal customer and attract them into your story. The Storybrand Marketing Framework (SB7) is a guide that will help you create a clear and concise message that introduces you into your customers story as the helpful guide. By using the SB7 framework you can define your marketing message and discover the words that will resonate and attract you ideal customers.

Regardless of the size of your business, or what it is you do, by answering these 7 questions about your customer, the SB7 will help you uncover the words to use in your marketing. Words that will finally help your customer understand what it is you do and how you can help them.

So what is this story?

Storybrand Marketing Framework – There is a character, the hero of our story (Your customer) who has a problem. Not knowing how to solve this problem on their own, they need the assistance from a helpful guide (You and your business). They need the help of someone who gone before them and understands their problem. Someone who knows how they feel, but also someone with the experience and know-how to help them solve their problem. Our helpful guide then provides a simple plan to our hero, calls them to take action. Helping them to avoid failure and instead helps them to see what success can look like for them and overcome their problem.

How Storybrand has helped my business StoryWorks.

The Storybrand Marketing Framework has helped me immensely not only in my business, but also when talking to family and friends about my business. After growing weary of the blank stares from my new clients, I read the book and instantly begin using it. The first client I used the framework to build their website loved it so much that he referred me to three more. And from that point on I have never looked back and StoryWorks was born. I called it story works because it does, story really does work to grow your business.

Do you struggle finding the words to say?

Book Cover of Building A Storybrand, Clarify Your Message So People Will Listen by Donald MillerIf you’re struggling with finding the words to say when it comes to marketing your business, or if you’re just curious about Storybrand Marketing, I encourage you to pick up a copy and read Donald Miller New York best selling book, “Building A Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Your Customers Will Listen.” (Email me at and I’ll send you a FREE Kindle copy of this best selling Donald Miller book.)

Or if you are frustrated with trying to do your marketing on your own and would like the help of a Storybrand Certfied Guide, I encourage you to Schedule A Call and let’s talk about your marketing struggles and how you can overcome them and experience success.

Read “The Benefits Of Hiring A Storybrand Certified Guide.”

Schedule A Call. Your future is waiting.

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