What is Storybrand?

What is Storybrand?

What is Storybrand?

What is Storybrand

What if there was a marketing framework that could help you clarify your message, define your business, identify your customer and help you focus your business to become more profitable? There is! It’s called storybrand, and it can be extremely helpful for small business owners looking to grow their company. In this blog post, we will discuss what storybrand is and how you can use it to improve your marketing strategy.

The Storybrand Marketing Framework.

building a storybrand:clarify your message so customers will listenIn 2017, author Donald Miller, while working to overcome his own marketing struggles in promoting his small business, created the Storybrand Marketing Framework. Today this simple framework has helped thousands of companies to clarify their message and discover the words that resonate with their customers. But did you know that the Storybrand Marketing Framework can help you do more than that?

Storybrand’s hidden secrets.

Over the past three years as a Storybrand Certified Guide, I have talked with nearly 100 companies and helped them walk through the Storybrand framework for their company. Here are some of the additional results I have seen from this process.

Clarify your message.

First, Storybrand can indeed help you to clarify your message. The basis of the storybrand framework is that it allows you to communicate the story of your business, but it’s told from your customer’s perspective. Because once you define and understand your customer’s story, you can begin to reveal how your business can help them. What are their goals? Their fears? Their desires? Once you know this, you can craft a message that will resonate with them and persuade them to take action.

Identify your ideal customer.

Second, I have seen that Storybrand can help you to define exactly who your ideal client is. Most business leaders will tell you they know their ideal client, but I’ve found that when you begin to dig deeper, it’s not as straightforward as you would think. Storybrand allows you to get to the core of whom you help and what they want to achieve. This process eliminates the guessing game of marketing and helps you to focus your message on those it will resonate with the most.

Focus your marketing efforts.

Third, Storybrand can help you to decide who you should not be trying to reach with your marketing. If you have a limited marketing budget, you must ensure that every dollar is spent wisely and efficiently. The storybrand framework will help you focus your message on those it will resonate with the most and help you to eliminate any guesswork.

Unite your team.

Fourth, I have seen storybrand as an effective tool for uniting a team or office. When you can define exactly who your customer is, it is easier to establish goals and objectives. This clarity will help to eliminate any confusion and allow everyone to be on the same page.

Present a simple plan.

Fifth, Storybrand helps you to develop a simple 3-4 step plan for how your ideal clients can become paying customers. I have found that this is an area where most small businesses struggle. When walking through the framework, it’s very rare to have business owners who have already thought this process through from their customer’s perspectives. The storybrand framework will help you explain the steps in a 1,2,3 type format that clarifies how your customers can get your product or services.

Sets you up for success.

Sixth, Storybrand helps you make the sale. Because the Storybrand Framework tells your company’s story from your customer’s perspective, it allows you to be introduced into their story as a helpful guide. As the one who understands what the customer is going through and the one with the experience and knowledge to help them avoid failure and realize success. Any salesperson will tell you that when trying to make a sale, two components any potential buyer wants to know are that 1) you understand their problem and 2) that you can help them solve their problem. The Storybrand framework opens the door for you to have this conversation.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing.

When I first started helping clients build their websites over 12 years ago, when I asked the question, “what do you want your website to say,” shrugs and uncertainty often followed it. Today, as a new client, if you give me 90-minutes of your time, I’ll have everything I need to create a compelling story to capture the attention of your ideal client. And that story will be the beginning of a process that can help you to grow your business in ways you never thought possible.

Create your brandscript and clarify your message.

If you’re not using Storybrand in your marketing, I highly encourage you to try it. It just might be the missing piece to help you take your business to the next level. Whether you develop your brandscript on your own by going to mystorybrand.com or if you hire a Storybrand Certified Guide such as myself, I KNOW that implementing the Storybrand Marketing Framework will transform your website and marketing. I’ve seen it time and time again.

The other half to find success.

But to create what Donald Miller would call a “sales machine,” to clarify your message, is only half of the equation you need for success.

Read the next blog post to learn the secret to transforming your website into a sales machine.

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